We are proud to offer the highest level of service to all of our customers. Here's a small selection of recent testimonials that we have received:

"My Freelander's air conditioning hadn't worked for a couple of years. I thought it was a major costly job to resolve so never tried to repair it. After seeing an advert for Mr Cool I decided to call him in. Turns out it just needed re-gassing! Mr Cool sorted it very proficiently and professionally and my air con has worked ever since. I would not hesitate in recommending Mr Cool to anyone." Graham Turner, Ashbourne

"I run a variety of agricultural vehicles on my farm and when the air conditioning wasn't working as well as it used to in one of my tractors it wasn't really an option for me to take it to a garage for repair as it's big and slow, the nearest garage is miles away and I have more pressing things to do with my time. One call to Mr Cool was all it took, I was able to carry on with my job while he came and did his. I'll be keeping his number in case I need him again in the future." John Smithson, Brailsford

"We sell hundreds of used cars each year and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with them. Whenever we have a car with a poorly performing air conditioning system we call on Mr Cool to come and work his magic on them for us. A reliable, friendly service every time!" Andy, Oakwood Car Sales

"I know nothing about cars and when I found myself starting to bake in my Peugeot a friend recommended Mr Cool to me. He came over next day and explained in very simple terms what was wrong (apparently a valve was leaking so all the gas had been escaping). I'm now as cool as a cucumber and as pleased as punch. Thank you again!" Mrs Sanderson, Mickelover