The price for regassing your vehicle if you bring it to us is currently £35 plus the cost of gas required. The gas is charged at cost price which is £3 per 100 grams and most vehicles require about 500 grams which means the total price would be £35 + £15 gas = £50. If you need us to come to you to carry out the work then please add a further £10.

The days of cheap regassing are over - in 2018 the price of R134A refrigerant gas has shot up exponentially. In 2017 we were able to buy a 12kg bottle of gas for £72. At the time of writing (February 2018) that price had reached £331 with a further 40% rise due in March. The cost of the gas is out of our control and everbody is in the same position across the industry.

When refilling the system it will first be vacuumed and tested to see if the vacuum holds - ie to make sure it does not have any leaks. If there are no leaks then the system will be vacuumed for at least half an hour to remove any moisture before being refilled with the correct amount of refrigerant as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. We will also check that the whole system appears to be in good order including inspecting the compressor, hoses, belts etc. If you are able to bring the vehicle to us rather than have us come to you then we can reduce the price of this service to £40

Should the system be leaking then we will fill it with oxygen free nitrogen under pressure to determine where the leak is. This gas can be harmlessly discharged into the atmosphere as the air we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen. At this stage we can advise you what needs repairing or replacing in order to get things functioning correctly again along with an estimate of the cost. You will be under absolutely no obligation to proceed with any repairs. If you don't want us to do any further work then we will provide you with a fault diagnosis and a one off charge of £25 will apply to cover our time and the cost of any materials used. Please note: it is illegal to refill any AC system that is known to be leaking.

If your condenser is leaking then the price to supply and fit a new one is usually £250 - please see our condensers page for more details. Unfortunately we cannot give an indication of the cost of other repairs on this page as there are so many different components that can fail and the prices of these also vary widely from one manufacturer to another. We are usually able to obtain parts much cheaper than if you were ordering through a main dealer and we will always pass these savings onto our customers.