Don't Get Steamy In Your Car!.


I had a lift the other day in a 3 Series BMW. There were four people in the car and the windows were soon steaming up. The driver was constantly increasing the fan speed on the climate control panel to clear the windscreen then reducing it as the windscreen cleared and the noise of the fan at full pelt became annoying.

Air Conditioning dehumidifies the air in the cabin as well as cooling it if required. I had to point out to the driver that he had the A/C switched off and also that with climate control there is an "AUTO" button which means you can set the temperature that you want and the system will maintain the correct temperature and humidity in the vehicle. Within a few minutes of pressing the Auto button the windows were demisted and the fan was running at a slow speed ensuring a comfortable temperature and environment.

Make sure you use your A/C regardless of outside temperature and if you have an "AUTO" button then switch it on. It will make life much easier for you and let you concentrate on driving rather than fighting with steamed up windows!