HFO-1234YF Derby


R-1234YF Car Air Conditioning


We can re-gas your 1234YF system for £40 plus £10 per 100gms of gas. For a typical car requiring 500gms of refrigerant that's £40 + £50 of gas = £90. This price is based on the vehicle being brought to us in Derby.

From 2017 all new cars were required to use a refrigerant called R-1234YF (also known as HFO-1234YF) in their air conditioning systems and some vehicle manufacturers started using this refrigerant as early as 2012. The new gas is better for the environment with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 4 compared to the older R134a gas which has a GWP of 1430.

If you are unsure which gas your vehicle uses you can take a look under the bonnet as there is usually (but not always) a sticker that identifies the type and amount of refrigerant. This vehicle is using R-1234yf:

R1234yf Refrigerant Label

This car has the older R-134a refrigerant:

R134a Refrigerant Label

1234YF was initially very expensive and although the price has steadily dropped since being released it is still £100 per kilogram which means that the cost price of just the gas to fill a typical vehicle requiring 500gms is £50. Bear in mind that vehicle air conditioning systems should not need to be refilled - if they are empty then you have a leak!

With the high cost of the new refrigerant it makes economic sense to visit a specialist like ourselves who can find and fix the leak rather than using a cowboy operation who will refill a leaking system and leave you in a sweat again when all the gas has escaped!

If your vehicle has the newest gas and you need assistance please contact us now for a friendly, no obligation chat.